I want to add my testimony to the great song which is...

I want to add my testimony to the great song which is rising to high heaven from the even increasing throng of hearts full of gratitude to God for the healing power of Truth which has been made practical to them through the loving devotion to Principle of our dear Leader, Mrs. Eddy. Christian Science found me when I was being buffeted about on the chartless sea of mortal mind, suffering from a disease which had been with me ever since I could remember, and which physicians said would probably be with me the rest of my days.

In the early summer of 1916 I went to New Mexico seeking physical benefits and relief from worries which had assumed such proportions that I was quite despondent. On the way West a friend, then a captain in the Army Reserve, joined me. One day shortly after our arrival at a small resort in the mountains west of Santa Fe, this friend said to me, "You have tried specialists, sanatoriums, travel, and climate,—all that the knowledge of man has to offer,—and yet instead of improving you say that you are growing worse. Why don't you try Christian Science?" He went on to say that he was not a Christian Scientist but had seen enough of its results to know that it was effective. I consented to try this system of which I had scarcely heard before, and a few days later a letter arrived from the sister of my friend stating that she had been informed I desired treatment and saying that she would be glad to help me if I were willing to give up all material remedies and depend wholly upon God to take care of me.

November 2, 1918

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