Higher Understanding Essential

Christian Science brings to men the understanding of God which destroys evil. This understanding is based on the absolute supremacy of Mind, and the eternality, perfection, and immutability of the divine creation. As the light of spiritual understanding dawns upon human thought, a transformation takes place,—evil beliefs are destroyed both for the individual and for the race. Usually the evils first destroyed are those that seem most obvious as evils to the human mind. Hence, people generally first desire to be healed of sickness because of the pain and fear it occasions.

As understanding of spiritual things increases, men and women see more clearly the falsity of prevailing systems of thought and are willing and eager to be freed from them. As a result crude, materialistic systems of medicine and theology begin to crumble and disintegrate when subjected to the searchlight of truth as applied through the enlightened thought of the adherents of Truth. Divine Science makes clear that there can be no unity of matter and Spirit, of mortal mind and divine Mind. Systems of thought which openly flaunt their grossness and materiality are easily detected as false by the alert metaphysical student. As a result these systems are to-day on the wane. Their false pretense of power to protect, heal, or punish is seen for what it really is and no longer deceives those who have caught a glimpse of spiritual creation. Christian Scientists generally are alert to reverse and destroy the aggressions of these crude systems, whether of theology or medicine. They no longer fear them, and they are no longer influenced by them.

Church Development
November 2, 1918

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