The erroneous view of Christian Science expressed by a...

The Bellman

The erroneous view of Christian Science expressed by a doctor in a recent issue of The Bellman, is a quite natural one for a medical practitioner to take. His statement is as follows: "In these days we see a good many apparently miraculous cures by Christian Science, by New Thought, by prayer, and by other unmedical means. There is no doubt at all that many painful illnesses are relieved in such ways. Physicians would be wiser to acknowledge this, and to admit the truth; and would it not be better still if the Christian Scientists would also tell the truth, admitting that they cannot cure organic disease? They would lose nothing by such admission."

An understanding of Christian Science cannot be acquired from a study, however comprehensive, of the medical profession, neither, from the medical point of view, is it possible to understand the "apparently miraculous cures" which are being effected in Christian Science. Advocates of material medicine are in much the position of the learned men of Jesus' time who could not understand the so-called miracles wrought by him. The instance of the healing of the blind man, as recorded in the ninth chapter of John, is illustrative. Admitting that he was born blind, that they were unable to heal him, and that his sight was resorted, they nevertheless scoffed at the idea of his being healed by any means other than theirs, and finally "cast him out."

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