Prof. Joseph Jastrow's chapter on "Malicious Animal...

Boston (Mass.) Herald

Prof. Joseph Jastrow's chapter on "Malicious Animal Magnetism," which the Herald has reviewed, was in its original form an act of hostility to Christian Science in Hampton's Magazine for October, 1910, and the Milwaukee Medical Journal for December, 1910. For his recent book the original article has been modified, but it is still mainly mistaken in regard to Christian Science and extremely unfair to Mrs. Eddy.

In the first place, the term "malicious animal magnetism" has been used much oftener by opponents of Christian Science than by Mrs. Eddy. The term "animal magnetism" was in somewhat general use when she discovered Christian Science in 1866, and she adopted it as one of several names for evil. Throughout her writings, however, she usually employed either the more common word "evil" or its Scriptural equivalent "error." Some opponent of Christian Science, looking for any possible material, happened to notice the strange term "animal magnetism," and made much of it. Other opponents have done likewise, their habit being to imitate each other.

November 9, 1918

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