The Sound Theology of Christian Science

Frequently an individual comes to Christian Science who has had some previous religious experiences in which the Scriptural promises of peace and harmony have not been realized, or perhaps his religious affiliations have failed to protect him against sickness, discouragement, or other vicissitudes. He remembers how he relied on the same Bible promises on which Christian Scientists rely, but met only with a series of bitter failures. He also remembers the inability of his former teachings to unfold continuously the inspiration and beauty of the Scriptures. He recalls that there came a time in his experience when he was distracted between holding to a creed he had outgrown and giving up hope of a reasonable interpretation of Scriptures. As a result of this struggle the seeker may for a time lose faith in God and drift into a state of cynical skepticism.

Later, when an interest in Christian Science is aroused in this individual by the beauty of its teachings or through healings which may have attracted his attention, he may at first be inclined to be skeptical. Like a burned child who avoids the fire, he has no desire for a repetition of his disappointments. But there is no need for him to hesitate. Before him in Christian Science stretches a straight, stable highway,—"the way of holiness," as Isaiah terms it. To this seeker, as to all seekers for truth, Christian Science provides a firm footing upon which to gain confidence in God, and it gives an assurance that the promises of the Bible are true and can be demonstrated to be true. "The theology of Christian Science," Mrs. Eddy says, "is Truth; opposed to which is the error of sickness, sin, and death, that Truth destroys" (Miscellaneous Writings, p. 62). The theology of Christian Science is sound throughout. It is without spot or blemish or inconsistency in reasoning. Like a flawless diamond its reflection of light is impeccable. Its sound, logical basis appeals to the reflective mind and spurs on the inquiring thought to new unfoldments of Truth, which is indeed infinite.

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November 10, 1917

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