Working Together

Christian Scientists who hold steadfastly to absolute Truth should never become confused when working together, although it may take longer for groups of people to work out an ideal than it does for individuals. Because of this there come to one in an organization endless opportunities for advance in selflessness, charity, patience, and love. The great need in working together harmoniously is to know what the next orderly step may be in our journey toward perfection,—toward the realization that the absolute exists, that this absolute is God and His creation, perfect and eternal, and that it is the truth which brings us together. On this basis there is no uncertainty, no arguing, no criticism.

The difference of opinion sometimes comes in knowing what is our next step as a church, a Sunday school, or a committee, the step that will bring us nearer to the spiritual reality which is our birthright, and even well meaning persons occasionally are misguided at this point. The vision may become clouded when one is working with others, and this shows the need of being awake to the many methods of mortal mind in order that none may be deceived.

"We shall not all sleep"
February 26, 1916

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