The All-important Quest

Christian Science heals. It does so invariably, and it does so quickly; but this does not mean that its practitioners are invariably able to give this proof of Truth's power. It sometimes occurs, therefore, that those who are not quickly healed wonder why this is so, and the question, "Why am I not healed?" is not infrequently asked. Moreover, too frequently, when asked of the practitioner, reasons are given which seem to place the blame on the patient, and when asked of others, on the practitioner. This should not be, since in most cases both patient and practitioner do the very best they can. Neither should be condemned, and in all cases the good results desired would be more quickly and more surely gained if adverse criticisms were refrained from by all concerned.

Those seeking help in Christian Science should early learn that God, good, is the only cause, and that this cause produces only good results. They should also learn that "sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof;" that is, to the present enlightenment of the individual the mistakes which disclose themselves in a natural way are quite sufficient. The practitioner, on the other hand, knowing that all things are possible with God, should remember that "Love never faileth" (Rev. Ver.). The belief that error of any kind can be a cause of anything, or a hindrance to the demonstration of God's omnipotence, will thus be corrected.

Mental Remedy
February 26, 1916

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