The Bow of Promise

The suffering one was discouraged. He had only just entered upon the journey from sense to Soul, and the serpent of fear was dogging his mental footsteps. He had begun to lisp the new tongue of Christian Science in faltering tones, to distinguish faintly between material falsity and the spiritual idea, and had joyfully experienced at least one of the signs that follow a clearer understanding of Truth. Then there came what mortal thought described as a setback, and the way was dark. As with David and Jonah, all the waves and the billows of trouble seemed to sweep over him; doubt loomed large; hope was submerged in a morass of incredulity and skepticism. But remembering with gratitude some past blessings, and calling to mind the volume of praise for God's loving-kindness that, as he read it, often soothed his sense, he cried out of the depths, and the response, as it ever is, was Love's healing balm. Who can describe it? Only those who have experienced it. It is a spiritual unfoldment beyond the ken of mortal sense; the first glimpse of the holy of holies foreshadowed in the perfect redemption.

But let it not be thought that this was a sudden enlightenment. It was the culmination of assiduous searching. The sufferer had been reading about the covenant of the rainbow in Noah's experience, the bow of promise that is to be an everlasting covenant between God and His children. Meditating upon the symbolical language, he remembered that this bow was "in the cloud." This surely was an angel message to him, for had he not read also those lines of our revered Leader (Miscellaneous Writings, p. 388) :—

Heaven Realized
October 7, 1916

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