Infinite Supply

DREAD of the future is one of the besetting sins of mankind. Ghostly shadows haunt the path of the average mortal; conjectural disaster dogs his very footsteps, and grim want is always lurking just around the corner. Taught that he begins to die the moment he is born, mortal man soon comes to believe that the whole universe is working in one gigantic conspiracy against him. He even comes to believe that God sanctions every trap set for his tired and stumbling feet, and thinking thus he becomes a doubter, an agnostic, a cynic. A wrong conception of God naturally begets a correspondingly wrong conception of man and is the source of every phase of false thinking.

On page 60 of Science and Health Mrs. Eddy says, "Soul has infinite resources with which to bless mankind." Divine Love has a supply for every need, and all that the Father hath belongs to His children. Infinite Love supplies our needs in every directions, but God's children can claim their birthright only in proportion to their acquaintance with the Father. Then as we deserve it, even on the material plane, we have an unfailing abundance upon which to draw. It does not follow, however, that there will be an overflowing of material things. In the story of the meal and oil, as related in the first book of Kings, we are not told that the barrel and the cruse overflowed, yet there was always enough.

From the Unreal to the Real
October 7, 1916

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