I first heard of Christian Science several years ago, when I...

I first heard of Christian Science several years ago, when I was given a copy of the Sentinel by a friend. Every word that I read seemed good and true, and as I had greatly desired for several years to find a true religion, I felt that here was something which seemed more substantial and better than I had ever heard of before. In reading the testimonies I had a deep longing to be able to understand this new religion. I decided to pray to God to show me, or prove to me in some way, that it was a right religion, and that I might investigate it further; but more than a year passed and my prayer had not been answered. I had almost given up hope of any more knowledge of Christian Science, when on Feb. 2, 1911, one of my knowledge a boy of eleven years, was stricken with convulsions just as he stepped out of bed to get ready for school.

The child had retired the night before in good health, and this terrible attack could not be accounted for. Two doctors were immediately called in, and they did all they could. The child remained in this state for about two hours, and the doctors told us that there was nothing to do, as his tongue was paralyzed and he could not swallow the medicine, also that he was unconscious and would pass away in a little while. When I heard this, I told my daughter to telephone to a Christian Science friend, the one who had given me the Sentinel to read. She came immediately. The boy was still in convulsions, but one of the doctors administered an anesthetic and his body soon became still, like death. I asked a doctor, "Must my child die?" He answered with tears in his eyes, "Yes, and it really will be better, for if he lives he will be an invalid." I then went out to my friend and asked her to come in and look at my boy, saying that he would soon pass away. She said that she would rather not go into the room, but that she would try to realize for him the truth of being. I did not understand this, but left her to herself. I went back to the boy, and with friends and other members of the family was awaiting the end, when to our surprise the little fellow opened his eyes. He seemed bright and was without pain, and he raised his left hand and motioned to me to come close to him. He was perfectly conscious, but could not speak a word, and his right arm and side were paralyzed. My friend asked me if I wanted a Christian Science practitioner, for if I did she would get one, but I told her I knew my husband would not consent.

The child remained in the care of one of the doctors for four weeks, and at the end of that time we were much discouraged, and told the doctor so. He summoned another physician and held a consultation. We were then told that the boy was suffering from infantile paralysis, and it would be at least three years before he would be any better; that he would probably not have any more schooling, and that there was nothing to do but wait and let time bring the healing. The physicians were dismissed, for I knew that the help which my child had received came through the faithful prayers of my Christian Science friend, and I asked my husband if I could have a talk with a practitioner. He was very kind about it, saying that I might if I believed anything could be done. The following day I had an appointment with a Christian Science practitioner. I asked if she could do anything for my child, and she replied, "Not I, but God can." Her faith in God seemed most beautiful to me. Everything she said about God I believed and accepted. I told her, however, that I did not altogether understand, but would leave all to God, and go home and await results.

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