It was several years ago that I accepted Christian Science

It was several years ago that I accepted Christian Science. On various occasions I had been given up to die by attending physicians and surgeons. In April, 1908, I was suffering physically and mentally, and it seemed as if I could bear no more, having already undergone three severe operations and tried different treatments of a material nature, yet after all this being worse in every way than I was before. My home at that time was with Christian Science friends, and it was their love and kind ministrations and unselfish way of living which led me to try Christian Science for myself. I was suffering from a great mental sorrow, which never left me night or day, and I knew help must be had from some source, and that quickly. My healings have all been slow, but I am grateful for this, because it has been a great incentive for work and study on my part.

It has not been a royal road, but all the way I have learned something of real joy and peace. The mental burden was first lifted; then several of the old chronic ailments disappeared. Daily and hourly as I draw closer to God I gain in physical strength through spiritual refreshment. Christian Science helps me in every way. It sustains me morally, mentally, physically, and financially; more than all this it uplifts me spiritually. I am very grateful to all the dear friends who have helped me more than they know, and for the many blessings and privileges that have come to me in Science; also for the many useful activities that have come into my life, and the fact that I am able to some extent to help others as well as myself.

Testimony of Healing
In August, 1914, erysipelas manifested itself very severely...
November 6, 1915

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