"To the glory of God"

Christian Science teaches us one lesson in particular: that all is and must be for "the glory of God." It is very instructive to see that in the older Scriptures the Hebrew word that means glory, is used in the rather limited sense of honor, and that as generally employed in the New Testament this word has a much fuller significance. This fact appears clearly in the account of the temptations of Jesus in the wilderness, as given in Matthew's gospel. We thus see that as thought rises to a higher sense of God, the character of the divine glory unfolds in human consciousness. When men gain a glimpse of "the evidence of things not seen," something above and beyond physical sense, this view may be said to be supernatural, that is, above the ignorance of mortal mind, which does not understand itself because it cannot understand God, and hence cannot understand God's man, of whom mortal man is but the counterfeit.

Mortal mind builds up the sense of finite personality, personal ambition, personal glory, personal sense, alias the devil, none of which, even when apparently successful, can ever satisfy, and soon they pass away. Mortals are continually building up a wrong sense of "I"; they fall down, worship, and give titles to this false ego. In Christian Science God is the only Ego; He is divine Principle, and when the truth of being, the Christ-idea, is lifted up in consciousness, all who really desire purification and transformation of self, apprehend it more or less clearly, and are drawn to it. Where this irradiation of purity enters consciousness and is welcomed, character becomes spiritualized and exalted, thought grows more harmonious, and peace obtains.

July 18, 1914

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