Seven years ago I went to a Christian Science service in...

Seven years ago I went to a Christian Science service in New York city upon the invitation of a young neighbor in the apartment into which I had recently moved. She spoke to me on the street, and I replied: "I cannot speak on the street loud enough to be heard. I have lost my voice." She said, "Come down to our church and you will find you have not lost your voice, for God never takes back His gifts." This held my attention, and that evening, Wednesday, I attended a Christian Science testimony meeting for the first time. What I heard satisfied me, answered many queries that I had asked ministers and teachers, all of whom told me I should not ask questions. As I grew older they said these questions were not to be answered until we were in the next life. I came home from that meeting exclaiming to my mother, "Well, I've found what our whole family has been reaching out for always,—Christian Science." People had called us agnostics, atheists, truth-seekers, etc., but we were just reaching out for a loving God who satisfies both head and heart, and I found that it was all here in an organized church, the Christian Science church.

For six months previous to that I had been suffering from a serious difficulty with my voice. I could not sing at all, and even when speaking I was hoarse. Occasionally I could not articulate for several minutes at a time. Singing teachers said this condition was due to a bad strain, that a rest of a year or two was absolutely necessary. One of New York's best teachers told me I would never sing again. Two physicians pronounced the difficulty partial paralysis of the vocal cord, and it certainly seemed true; but in less than two months, as a result of Christian Science treatment, I was singing as I never sang before. Instead of resting in inactivity, as prescribed by doctors and teachers, I worked under the guidance and treatment of a Christian Scientist, and learned among many other priceless lessons that inactivity is not rest, but that working in the real thought of Life as spiritual, not material, is resting in God. Seven years have passed, during which I have held solo positions in New York, also in my Canada home, and have taught steadily, with never a return of the trouble.

July 18, 1914

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