That Christian Scientists are today one of the greatest...

The Seattle (Wash.) Sun

That Christian Scientists are today one of the greatest factors in the work of breaking down the traditional orthodox views of God and establishing in their place a belief in the universal servanthood and all-inclusive love of the divine Spirit, is the opinion of the Rev. J. D. O. Powers, who lectured at the First Unitarian Church on "A New Conception of God, Our Great Need." He said in part:—

"Christian Scientists say that all men should open the channels of the mind to God's love, that God is always good, and that He is the one universal Love of the universe. They believe that mankind, once it opens wide its mind to the influence of God, will become perfect mentally, morally, and physically. Christian Scientists, like the Unitarians, hold to ideas totally differing from the mythological belief of the orthodox church, that God is the stern, unrelenting ruler of the universe, a ruler who drives the fear of death and condemnation into the minds and souls of His subjects."

July 18, 1914

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