I am indeed grateful to Christian Science for the many...

I am indeed grateful to Christian Science for the many blessings that come to us through a better understanding of our Father-Mother God and man as His image. I am especially thankful for a demonstration that was made for me in June, 1912. I was taking a lay-off from my regular work as locomotive engineer to attend the graduating exercises of the University of Utah and the Salt Lake high school, as I had a son graduating from each of the schools. As there was a day between the two events I went up to Ogden on some business. Returning at noon, I wished to reach home as soon as possible, and I made ready to get off at a point opposite my home, where the train slowed down at a signal tower. I had a valise in my left hand, and with the other on the handrail of the coach, when I reached this point I sprang off. I did not immediately let go, as I hoped to regain a better balance, but instead this made matters worse, and I was dragged a short distance. I fell face downward and very close to the rails. To keep from being dragged under the train I was trying to rise, when the steps of the following coach struck my hip and back, rolling me over several times. The pain in my back was intense and sickening, but I declared the truth, contending that there are no accidents in Mind and that God's man cannot be injured.

After the rest of the train had passed me, I got up, and accomplished the walk of two blocks. At first it seemed that every step would be the last, but as I kept on declaring the truth, I was able to walk easier as I neared home. Arriving there, I found my wife was away, and feeling very faint, I went to the telephone and asked for help from a Christian Science practitioner. I could only say, "Please help me to know that there are no accidents in Truth." She said that she would take up treatment immediately.

Testimony of Healing
It is with a heart full of love and thankfulness to God that...
July 18, 1914

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