"The measure of a man"

In the twenty-first chapter of Revelation, where we find a description of the ideal city, we read of "the measure of a man." An angel was showing John this city as it was coming down to the apprehension of men, and John was also shown its measurements, the city representing the consciousness of the redeemed. This undoubtedly points to the exactness of the demands of Principle, by which all things are judged, nothing being left to chance or uncertainty, men and things being measured continually.

Even on the material plane men are measured by standards political, educational, social, and religious, but above and beyond all human standards is the divine requirement which nothing less than perfection can meet, and this applies to all that one thinks and says and does. One may think he measures up fairly well because of his strength, either physical or intellectual, while another may choose to measure himself by those who seem to be beneath him morally, and he may grow self-satisfied and pharisaical in the process; but "the measure of a man" is lacking, and the sooner the individual knows this, the better for all concerned.

Among the Churches
May 16, 1914

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