In a recent issue I notice Dr.—'s remarks on pain and...

Bradford (England) Telegraph

In a recent issue I notice Dr.—'s remarks on pain and her reference to Christian Science. She states that "if Christian Scientists remove pain without understanding its cause, they may do serious harm." Perhaps the critic will be surprised to hear that Christian Scientists agree with her, only they probably regard the cause in such cases in quite a different way from what she would. To a Christian Scientist the healing of disease is not merely the removal of a disturbing effect, but the eradication of the whole trouble, even to the wrong thinking which produces that effect. To illustrate: The doctor declared that pain was a state of the mind. Now suppose that pain was produced by a human belief termed a burn. The ordinary medical practitioner would apply a material remedy to that material effect, whereas the Christian Scientist would deal with the belief in the human mind which declares that there is a power or presence apart from God which can work evil to His creation, even as did the three Hebrew children in the furnance. Thus he would deal with the condition in a much more thorough way than the materialistic remedy would do. Again, if a man's suffering were caused by sin, Christian Science would destroy his sense of sin and thus heal his suffering, while the physician on a materialistic basis might allay his pain or sickness and leave him with the same desire to sin and the possibility of being sick again.

If pain is wholly mental, as the critic admits, it must be of the carnal mind, for if we believe that the divine Mind produces pain, then, as this Mind is infinite wisdom, it would be right for us to have pain and wrong for us to try to get rid of it. But if pain is an error of the human mind, then it can be removed through the action of the divine Mind, or that Mind "which was also in Christ Jesus," since it was solely through the action of this Mind that our Saviour healed sin and disease. Material healing systems are today forsaking their material drugs and are rushing pell-mell into the byways of mental healing, such as mesmerism and suggestion. But this last error is even worse than the first, since it is but another state of activity of the same carnal mind which produces the disease, and is in fact a "house divided against itself."

Christian Science teaches, and proves clearly, that all sin and disease are the results of belief in the carnal mind, and can certainly be thoroughly destroyed through the understanding of God, or the divine Mind. "Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free;" in other words, Ye shall know the facts of the divine Mind, and this knowledge or understanding of these facts shall make you free. This fact has been proved during the last fifty years in the Christian Science movement in hundreds of thousands of cases, and is being recognized more clearly every day by spirituallyminded men and women.

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February 21, 1914

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