Every-day Overcoming

That the promise "I will show thee what thou shalt do" may be proved true, has been demonstrated in a recent experience, which though in itself void of all romance, was fraught with meaning to me, and perchance it may be to others who are learning in Christian Science of the ceaseless availability of Truth.

My son was away on business and would not return for some hours, so I was alone on the farm. The thermometer registered seven degrees below zero and the snow was drifting. Looking out of doors, I noticed that the horses which had been free on the prairie, were pawing the snow in quest of the grass underneath, and thinking that possibly they had come home on account of the cold, I went out to put them in the stable. One of them fell down while running over a snow-drift, and there he remained, struggling. Going to him, I saw that one hind leg was caught in a grain drill over which the snow had drifted. The leg was cramped in the spokes of the wheel, and the hoof was held fast by the ironwork below. Fear took hold of me. What could I, a woman, do in such an emergency? Oh, for some one to pass by to whom I could call for help!

Disease not Inherited
February 21, 1914

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