According to published reports, both the evangelist and...

Warsaw (Ind.) Times

According to published reports, both the evangelist and the Rev. Mr. — have departed from the regular orderly "preaching of the Word" to denounce Christian Science. They have apparently been guilty of revamping old, hackneyed, and oft-refuted criticisms of this system of Christian teaching.

The first-named gentleman, in one of his early efforts, assigned himself to a large task when he declared himself "set in defense of orthodoxy," inasmuch as the broadest and most generally accepted meaning of this word is "correct in doctrine." It will therefore be necessary for the critic in this instance to determine which of the various interpretations of our Lord's teaching is the strictly correct one. The only practical test in the matter of thus determining true orthodoxy is logically the results, or fruits, or "signs following," which the great Founder of Christianity declared should be the only logical criterion of true discipleship. Such a test takes time, and the present indications are that Christian Science is forging rapidly to the front, if a large and everincreasing volume of incontestable evidence in the healing of all manner of diseases and the reforming of sinners is to be the basis of judgment. The same gentleman gave utterance to this statement: "Whenever you hear criticism and faultfinding, you know the devil is around and God is doing something." With this statement Christian Scientists are entirely agreed, and on this basis they account for this critic's unreasonable arraignment of Christian Science.

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