Most gratefully do I attest the healing and transforming...

Most gratefully do I attest the healing and transforming power of Truth. My early training and experience led me to that mental condition where I was a profound skeptic in matters religious; I found little in the old creeds to satisfy or strengthen, and the works of infidel writers were my constant companions. Physically, I saw scarcely a well day from childhood, erroneous conditions of thought resulting in continual suffering and various disorders of body and mind. Incidentally, I had become an inveterate user of tobacco.

Finally a good friend called my attention to Christian Science, but my distance from Truth was so great at the time that I was neither able to receive nor properly to comprehend its message. I, however, read Science and Health somewhat, and although I knew it not, the seed had been sown. After that, I occasionally received literature which also added to my slight understanding, but for the time being without apparent result. Then, in a city fifteen hundred miles from my home, where my work had called me, a great aggravation of symptoms, which was to me most alarming, took place. This condition literally forced me to the acceptance and understanding of that which was needed, simply another case of that extremity which is God's opportunity. After much hesitation, I went to a practitioner, and although most kindly received, I was in much doubt as to my restoration, as my troubles had seemingly been with me so long.

Testimony of Healing
I wish to express my sincere gratitude for a few of the...
May 3, 1913

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