Christian Science has redeemed my life from destruction

Christian Science has redeemed my life from destruction. Never will I forget the joy, peace, happiness, and freedom that took possession of my heart after I had read a few pages in the chapter on Prayer in "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" by Mrs. Eddy. For months after coming into this new sense of life I read little else, but studied the Bible until it became a new book to me in the light of Christian Science. Within a short time I was completely healed of a stomach and bowel complaint of years' standing. We have had clear, strong proofs of the healing power of Truth in our home, and nothing can take the place of Christian Science.

Our baby, now three years old, showed signs of an eruption on his face soon after he was born, and at first we paid little attention to it, thinking it would soon disappear; but instead it grew worse, until it spread over both sides of his face, and at times was very irritating, the child suffering greatly from it. We lived in a small town where there were no Scientists except ourselves, and many who saw the child would remark that it was a skin disease for which there was no cure. I was not so fearful as I would have been before we learned of Christian Science, for we knew that the trouble could be overcome as we became better acquainted with a God that does heal diseases. The baby was then six months old, and I wrote to a practitioner five hundred miles away to treat him. Help was gladly given, and in less than two weeks his face started to heal, and there was no irritation after the healing began. In a very short time he was completely healed, the little face being left clear, and there has never been a return of the disease.

Testimony of Healing
About four years ago I was healed of a very serious...
May 3, 1913

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