I would put on the garments of praise as I give thanks...

I would put on the garments of praise as I give thanks for the spiritual consciousness that has come to me through Christian Science. With seemingly everything to make me happy and contented in the way of human relations, and with a purse sufficient to meet every modest desire, I was yet as one alone in a strange land. I was living at that time in Portland, Ore., but had become so depressed that I had resigned my business connection in that city and made plans for a two-years outing on horseback, as I believed that an outdoor life held contentment and curative qualities for mind and body. A Christian Science friend, however, who had himself been greatly helped, counseled me to stay in Portland, saying it was unnecessary for me to sacrifice the best years of my business life searching for those treasures which must be found within. Immediately upon beginning to read Science and Health, I knew I had found the remedy for all that ailed me, the fountain of life and love, forever springing up from the infinite source. I drank thirstily, eagerly, day and night, from the revealed Word of God, and almost at once the desire for smoking dropped from me, never to return.

How happy I was now, that arrangements had been made for my departure, in the knowledge that I was free for a while from the thoughts of business! Time to study and ponder the Word of God seemed a blessed privilege indeed, and I made good use of it. Arriving at my destination, however, I found that my intended companions on the outing could not go; but so engrossed was I with the study and contemplation of this wonderful truth, that I was not appointed at all. In fact I was glad, for now I had two new companions, the Bible and Science and Health, and during two months these were diligently read, as was also the other Christian Science literature which I found at the reading-room. A few treatments from a practitioner rooted out the beliefs of a supposititious material creation, and I learned to look, as St. Paul declared we always should, "not at the things which are seen, but at the things which are not seen," and to understand that "to be spiritually minded is life and peace."

Testimony of Healing
I seem unable adequately to express my gratitude to God...
May 3, 1913

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