I desire to express my heartfelt thanks for all that Christian Science...

I desire to express my heartfelt thanks for all that Christian Science has done for me during the last eight or nine years. I was considered delicate from childhood, and for some time before hearing of Christian Science was especially so. I could hardly walk at all, as a very little exertion exhausted me, and at that time I was quite unfit to take any active part in life; if I made an engagement I was never sure that I would be able to keep it. I also suffered very much from constant colds and throat trouble. Now all that is quite changed, and I hardly ever have any occasion to think about my health. One of my kindred remarked some time ago that I now always looked well, and I certainly feel so; and for this complete physical change I am most deeply grateful. Only those who have had ill health can fully know the blessing the reverse of that means.

For some years before I came to Christian Science I was without any form of religion, the teaching of the church having ceased to satisfy me; but I shall always be grateful for the good that I did receive from it in former days. During these years I was searching for something that would satisfy me, and I looked in several directions. At first I was chiefly interested in Christian Science on account of the physical healing it accomplishes, not only in my own case, but in that of others, but I have gradually come to see that it has also given me the religion which I had wanted for so long; and though I do not in any way underrate the physical help, I value this far more. Christian Science is bringing great peace into my life, and I feel that its teachings, which are simply the old Bible truths made clear to us, will enable me to meet the problems of life; and even if one is not at present able to solve all that come, it means a great deal to know that this can be done—as a writer in the Sentinel once said of seeming trials, they are "only another opportunity to prove the allness of God."

Testimony of Healing
When I think of the many blessings which my family and...
October 25, 1913

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