Through the wisdom of Mrs. Eddy, the students of...

Through the wisdom of Mrs. Eddy, the students of Christian Science have been given an opportunity of confessing Christ before men, at the Wednesday evening meetings and through the columns of our periodicals. For this privilege I am most grateful, and gladly testify to the efficacy of Christian Science in healing sickness and reforming the sinner. A sense of gratitude impels me to write this testimony, with the desire that my experience may benefit some one who is burdened with the sorrows of so-called mortal existence.

For six years prior to the dawn of truth in my consciousness, I found myself seemingly "having no hope, and without God in the world." At that time I was carrying two very heavy burdens,—a sense of grief, and also of financial limitation. The former was at times almost too deep for tears. My mentality dwelt constantly on the discords of a lonely life and a personal sense of separation, loss, rebellion, resentment, fear, doubt, and despair, and my greatest desire was to end it all—through the agency of a poisonous drug which I had in my possession. Death, or oblivion, was the only door which promised an escape or surcease from my troubles. When the temptation to take my life almost mastered me, my hand was stayed through what I believed was consideration for my only sister; but after the struggle between life and death was over, I toiled on in greater misery than ever.

Testimony of Healing
I feel that I have delayed too long the sending of my...
October 5, 1912

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