Human language is inadequate to express one half of the...

Human language is inadequate to express one half of the thankfulness and joy which have come to me through the study of Christian Science. At times my experience seems to me almost too sacred a thing to try to put into words, and I am tempted to keep it within myself, but we know that Jesus' followers spread the glad tidings, and with this thought in mind I will try to tell a little of what this inspired teaching has brought to me.

While I did not come to Christian Science for physical healing, I have been enabled through its teachings to demonstrate harmony and to overcome many things, such as a "weeping sinew," headaches, colds, etc. My greatest gratitude is, however, for the spiritual uplifting it has brought me, and also for the physical healing which has come to many of my family. I have seen much of the healing of so-called physical troubles, pronounced incurable without operations; but to me the most glorious result of even a slight understanding of the teaching of Christian Science is the peace and harmony it brings to those who are in earnest.

Testimony of Healing
Through the wisdom of Mrs. Eddy, the students of...
October 5, 1912

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