I am impelled to write this testimony of my complete cure...

I am impelled to write this testimony of my complete cure and emancipation from the drinking habit through Christian Science, in the hope that if it meets the eye of some one similarly afflicted, he may seek its treatment as an effectual means of cure, and thus be restored permanently to health and freedom from the worst bondage against which the business man has to contend. I say "be restored permanently," for I have many times been said to be "cured" by the best physicians in this state, which so-called cures lasted from two to six weeks each, seldom longer, and then I was in a worse plight than before. But no reaction, no craving, has attended my healing in Christian Science, which was obtained in a few treatments over four years ago. There has been no desire to drink again, though I have sat at table with heavy drinkers, at banquets and meetings, at social functions and clubs, and in gatherings where I had placed no embargo, no limit upon myself or appetite; but I simply did not want intoxicants, and my taste revolted at the very sight and smell of them.

I had been, and was, on a prolonged spree when I was given a Christian Science practitioner's card by a friend and told that I could be absolutely cured. I started for the practitioner's office, but I only got as far as my own home, and staggering to a telephone had just sense enough to ask the practitioner to come to me. I hardly knew he was in the room when he gave me the treatment. I had a confused sense of his being there, but that was all. On his second coming I was nearly as bad, but after he left I felt a sense of relief and a clearing up of my confused mentality, which grew better daily, until at the fifth treatment my desire for liquor was a thing of the past. I have had the slightest craving or desire for it since, no feeling that I am losing something by not drinking (which I expected to have); on the contrary, there has been a joyful feeling of gratitude to God for my escape and healing.

Testimony of Healing
I have thought many times of sending a testimony to the...
October 5, 1912

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