For the encouragement of those whose healing is slow,...

For the encouragement of those whose healing is slow, also in gratitude for the inestimable good which came to me through Christian Science, I send my testimony. From childhood I was ill, and was said to have inherited a tendency to lung trouble, my father and many members of my family having passed away with this disease. As the eighth and youngest child in the family, and without a father from the time I was one year old, I was impressed from earliest childhood with the thought of self-support. Being a good student, I was very much crowded in school, the result being stooped shoulders, with a distressing headche as an almost constant companion. As I grew older and took up my work in the world, I became a great sufferer. I had heart, stomach, and liver trouble, also a growth in my right side, besides a tendency to rheumatism, complications being caused by the strong medicines I was compelled to take. The headaches grew more intense, and many times I was delirious, nothing relieving me but an opiate; my physician telling me, however, that an operation might help me.

In this condition Christian Science found me. Not knowing there were any well people in the world, as I supposed every one had some physical trouble, and not thinking that I could be healed of all my suffering, I turned to Christian Science to avoid a second operation for a troublesome abscess. I was healed instantaneously of this, and while I was not healed of all the difficulties for twelve years, I saw from the first the ultimat solution of all my life's problems, and they have been many. As I apply the Principle of Christian Science, as understood through the constant study of the Bible, which I had never understood before, and our inspired text-book, "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" by Mrs. Eddy, I continue to solve life's problems correctly. Today my health is perfect, my shoulders are straight, my lung capacity has doubled, I am of normal weight, and completely healed of all the maladies which once seemed so real. I rejoice even in the infirmities which obliged me to search until I found Christ, Truth.

Testimony of Healing
It is with heartfelt gratitude that I send a loving tribute...
October 5, 1912

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