I willingly and joyfully join my testimony to the record...

I willingly and joyfully join my testimony to the record of praise which is giving forth love and gratitude for Christian Science, and its Discoverer, Mrs. Eddy. I have truly found the teaching of Christian Science to be the "pearl of great price," and many are the lessons I have learned and the benefits I have received. I had been reading the literature for a number of years, but did not seem to receive the benefit that some do. About fifteen months ago I left Michigan, almost a total wreck in health, came here, and took up a more thorough study of Christian Science, and I am learning day by day that life and health are not dependent upon matter, but upon God. I find that the more I study this wonderful truth, the more I realize its value; and I have also learned that we must seek before we can find, we must give before we can receive, and we must knock before the door will be opened. I also find that we must turn from error at every point and hold to the truth.

Slowly but surely I am being restored to health, my rightful state of consciousness, and for this, and for the spiritual uplift that I have received, I am truly grateful to the giver of all good. I aim to give thanks by keeping as close as possible to the way our Leader points out.

Testimony of Healing
I wish to add my testimony of gratitude for the blessings...
October 5, 1912

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