It is with a heart full of gratitude to God for Christian Science...

It is with a heart full of gratitude to God for Christian Science that I relate what has been done for me, and I sincerely hope that others may be benefited by reading my experience. In October, 1908, I began to be ailing, and during the winter had an attack of acute lung trouble, which left me with a racking cough that continued almost incessantly, so that by spring I had become much reduced and was unable to do my housework. The doctors said I had lung trouble, and one said the condition was very serious. He told my husband I could not live longer than Christmas of that year. This thought, that I was doomed, produced a state of mind which can only be understood by those who have experienced it.

One noon my husband, who was working in a lumber yard a little out of town, asked me to walk out with him to his work and get the air. I told him I would later, if I felt able to do so. When left alone I lay down and thought and thought. My whole soul and being was one prayer going out to the Almighty that I might be spared for my children's sake. Suddenly the thought came to me to go and see a lady of whom I knew as one standing very high in the community; but our intimacy was not such as would account for this sudden and overwhelming desire to go to her, as I had never before done so in my troubles.

I had heard that she was a Christian Scientist, but that meant nothing to me, as I did not know what Christian Science was, though I had a vague notion that it was not reliable. There was absolutely no thought of treatment for my trouble when I started for her house. When I entered it I began to cry, and she kindly inquired about my health. I answered, "I am going to die, and I want to go to Denver to consult specialists on lung trouble." She asked me to remain until after lunch. I had not the least idea of what she was going to do, but my heart began to lighten; the clouds seemed to be lifting, and a ray of hope returned to me.

Testimony of Healing
Over four years ago I was healed through this blessed...
September 9, 1911

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