I wish my voice could reach every doctor in the land...

Philadelphia (Pa.) Press

I wish my voice could reach every doctor in the land when I urge them to take the Bible and study it. Don't be afraid of the "higher criticisms." I used to have theories in regard to the Bible, but I have none now. I simply know, as I know that food nourishes my body, that the Bible is meat and drink for the spirit.

Great as have been the marvelous advances in medicine and science, greater during our lifetime than in thousands of years before, we are on the eve of still greater things. I firmly believe we are soon to learn the cure for that awful disease—cancer. Don't let the intoxication of the wonderful progress in material things and the hustle and hurry of this age lead you into forgetting the things of the spirit and the example and religion of Jesus Christ. True religion and the Bible is the only philosophy of life that always works. The really successful physician is the one who recognizes the spiritual element as the one vitally necessary thing in his life and profession.

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