In Christian Science one soon learns that harmony is dependent upon one's realization of God's presence with men. Consequently, the more earnestly the kingdom of heaven is sought, the clearer one's consciousness is to the spiritual facts of being and the less effort is required to repel the attacks of error, material beliefs. God's work is done; His universe is complete and perfect, free from all disturbing elements. It is obvious that a perfect universe can contain no element of discord, whether it be sin, sickness, or death. Spiritual perfection is the reality, and Christ Jesus opened the way for others to come into an understanding of this great truth. He made clear the way to at-one-ment with God, Spirit. He blazed the path of salvation for mortals, and Mrs. Eddy, following the trail, has again brought to the attention of mankind his plan of emergence from matter into Spirit.

It is now the province of humanity to come into conscious unity with God, to awake to the fact of God's forever presence. All the years of darkened belief have not altered the fact that divine Mind has been for all time the only power of the universe. While mankind has been wandering in a wilderness of falsity, self-deprived of the divine presence, God has never been absent. God was, is, and always will be the only creator and governor of the world. The false belief of a material creation is all that has obstructed from human view the ever-present heavenly Father. Through the irradiance of Christian Science, the darkness of mortal opinions is being dispelled and the world is beginning to emerge from the black chaos caused by an imaginary separation from God, the evanescent so-called pleasures of the world being more than counterbalanced by its iniquities, strifes, and suffering. The light of truth which has been forever shining is now being known as the all-encompassing illumination.

May 13, 1911

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