It is a well-known fact that persons who are unwilling...

Rush City (Minn.) Post

It is a well-known fact that persons who are unwilling to show sufficient gratitude and appreciation to make compensation for the good they receive, are unworthy to obtain it, and therefore the effort to give it to them would be wasted. Experience justifies the statement that in the majority of instances those who have sought Christian Science healing without expecting to pay for the same, have proven to be either merely idle curiosity seekers or to belong to that class of idlers who never rise above the plane of mendicants and are more injured than benefited by indiseriminate almsgiving.

You can take this as a fact that no one who has earnestly sought the help of Christian Science with honest purpose and intention, has ever been denied the answer to his need, and also that Christian Science practitioners are giving in a quiet, unostentatious way more help, comfort, and healing than any other class of those who minister to the afflicted.

October 5, 1907

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