The word infinite, in its relation to God, good, is of deep import to all Christian Scientists. From the Bible we learn that God, Spirit, created all and called His creation good—"very good." Now the only true meaning of a statement is its author's. This is not always fully conveyed by the words, and can only be perceived in the ratio that our thought is in touch with that of the author. We must therefore conclude that when the infinite pronounces His creation good. He must mean infinitely good.

All Christians admit that God is good, and that He is infinitely good, although they could not perhaps define the meaning of the word infinite; yet it certainly conveys the thought to them that God is good and nothing but good. This understanding embraces, if it does not explain, the definition of the Twentieth Century Dictionary: "Without end or limit; without bound; that which is not only without determinate bound or limit, but which cannot possibly admit of bound or limit; the absolute or infinite being God." Let us think for a moment, "Cannot possibly admit of bound or limit." In other words, there can be no boundary that can enclose the infinite, and no boundary-line, either real or imaginary, that can shut out the infinite. Applying this meaning of infinite to creation, we have first, God's thoughts,—the elements of creation, infinitely good; next, his manifestation in the universe and man, infinitely good; every manifestation or embodiment, infinitely good; their continuous unfoldment, infinitely good. This analysis includes all knowledge and all things knowable; all science; noumena and phenomena; all cause and effect; all Life; all Truth; all Love; all action; all law, and all possibility, infinitely good. If we include every existing thing in a proposition, how and where can any other thing be added to it? If the law of infinite wisdom actually governs universal creation, from the infinitesimal to the infinite, where comes in lawlessness, or the so-called law of evil? If infinite wisdom does not govern universal creation, infinitesimally and infinitely, then the law of wisdom is not infinite. If it is not infinite, it is finite; then we have no infinity, no God.

We are profoundly grateful for Christian Science, because it has restored to us what mortal beliefs and opinions would take away,—a God of infinite goodness, wisdom, and mercy, Love, Life, and Truth,—a God who would not and could not create anything that is not according to His Mind and therefore infinitely good. God's thoughts are expressed in this wise: "Let us make man in our image, after our likeness." "He spake, and it was done; he commanded, and it stood fast." Our text-book teaches that man, as the idea of God, is the eternal expression or manifestation of infinite Mind.

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September 22, 1906

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