Christian Science in Business

There can be no question that many of the ailments from which business men suffer, are due to the erroneous methods which they employ in their efforts to achieve worldly success. As mortal mind is but the supposititious opposite of immortal Mind, we find that in their every-day affairs men employ methods which are the direct opposite of those which express immortal Mind. For instance, there is in Truth but one right way of doing business; namely, obedience to the Golden Rule. Mortals take an opposite view and argue that there can be no success unless it is realized through the defeat of a competitor. The result is that instead of helping, men prey upon each other, and their rivalry and strife are likely, sooner or later, to externalize themselves in some form of disease. Since, as all admit, everything material manifests more or less error, it follows that in the exigencies which result from present abnormal pressure in the business world we must faithfully and persistently cultivate the habit of always choosing the lesser of two evils if we would make steady progress in our approach to the ideal.

To attribute power to anything but good is surely to invite defeat. When we recognize that it is necessary for us to look to God for everything, inasmuch as everything good comes from Him, then indeed will we receive nothing but good. To realize that there is but one law,—the law of Love,—is to recognize the fact that every mandate which is not in harmony with this law, has no authority and no power. Thus we finally acknowledge and submit to the law of Love alone, and refuse to obey any other claim to law, just as we would dispute any asserted law of the commonwealth which was found to be at variance with the Constitution of our country.

The Consciousness of Good
June 9, 1906

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