Early in the year I was fortunate enough to be in London at the time when the late G. F. Watts' works were being exhibited at the Royal Academy, and among all the artist's beautiful pictures, one of his earlier paintings particularly impressed me. It was called "Progress," I believe, and to me it seemed to point to the teachings of Christian Science.

It was a large picture. In the center, high up in space, and surrounded by a great light, was the figure of a man on horseback, apparently traveling at great speed. Below, in the foreground, were four men. One held upon his knee a ponderous volume, which he was intently studying by the flickering light of an almost burnt-out candle. Another was bending low over a heap of rubbish, in which he was eagerly searching for treasure. The third man was lying stretched upon the ground, fast asleep, while the fourth, with his back to the others and his face turned towards the light, was earnestly watching the figure above him.

Abiding in Truth
December 2, 1905

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