Principle not Personality

In Nebraska State Journal

IF it be asked, "Is there any person in all the world who has the power to heal malignant diseases?" the answer of Christian Science is an emphatic No! If, however, the questioner asks, "Is there any principle in all the world by the application of which malignant diseases can be healed?" we answer, there is just one Principle by which such healing can be done. Thank God, this healing power is a Principle and not a finite person, and so all men in all the world may come to know and obey this Principle; whereas a personal healer could not reach, nor be reached, by all mankind. Would an "infinitely compassionate" and impartial God give one person in any age or land a private and personal power to heal, and leave all His children in other times and places without this divine power? Let us at least be agreed that God is just and deals equitably with all.

The people who are sincerely seeking the facts about Christian Science in order to reach correct conclusions upon this subject, will attend the Christian Science testimony meetings, and will ask the persons who have been healed by Christian Science about the diseases with which they had been afflicted. Those who are not sincerely seeking the whole truth about Christian Science may possibly be satisfied with what the opponents of Christian Science tell them—opponents whose eyes are wide open to the mistakes made by our people, but who are pleased to ignore the demonstrations of healing and reformation that are fast filling our churches with healthy and happy faces.

"Hold fast that which is good."
May 16, 1903

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