I was a sufferer for eighteen years and my case was pronounced...

I was a sufferer for eighteen years and my case was pronounced hopeless by specialists. They pronounced it bone rheumatism in my arms and head; large lumps would appear on my skull and I had almost lost the hearing of my left ear. My arms were drawn so at times that it was impossible to feed myself. The pain in my head and arms was so intense that I would lie in convulsions for hours. I had tried mineral springs and every patent remedy that we could hear of. At last it dawned upon me that something more effective must be done.

Christian Science was suggested to me but I was discouraged and doubtful. I had tried magnetic healers, massage, etc., and always grew worse after the treatments. However, I finally consented to give Christian Science a fair trial and the healing was wonderful. I was treated only two weeks, and by going out to the Wednesday night meetings and Sunday services, and through reading Science and Health, I am entirely healed.

May 16, 1903

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