It is seldom that we are willing to testify that we have...

It is seldom that we are willing to testify that we have been healed of sin. Physical ailments are of such a nature that we have not the same objection to speaking of them as belonging to our former selves, as we have to acknowledging that we have been steeped in sin.

As I recall the years that have passed from the time of early manhood until some eight years ago when I came to Christian Science, I cannot view any of these years without a sense of shame, and even of something stronger. I lived entirely for myself and do not think that at any time I ever gave another a real helping hand. My time was chiefly taken up in looking for what the world calls pleasure, but I can now see how little real pleasure was found. Until ten years ago I was a hard drinker, having grown up in a community where, as young men, we believed that the one who could drink the most without losing caste was the most manly. For a long time I Kept in that condition and remained in that belief. Then came a time when I commenced to lose my self-respect, and gradually also that of others. Years went by and that self-respect was not of regained, but many things transpired in my life which tended to lessen rather than to strengthen it. At this juncture it was found necessary to give up the liquor habit or entirely succumb to it. This was two years prior to my coming to Christian Science.

Testimony of Healing
I feel that I can no longer delay sending my grateful...
December 5, 1903

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