I first heard of Christian Science while in Colorado seeking...

I first heard of Christian Science while in Colorado seeking health. I was then a victim of nervous prostration. After having employed a physician for some weeks without receiving any benefit, I was induced to try Christian Science. I took treatments very reluctantly, for I had no faith in them, but I was healed with only one week's treatment. I was exceedingly happy, for I never expected to be sick again, nor did I understand that there would be anything for me to do but sail along on "flowery beds of ease." purchased the book, "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" by Mrs. Eddy, and read it but no understandingly.

Soon after returning home the old condition seemed to return with renewed force. I did not know of any Scientists in the city at that time, so, after struggling on alone, I became discouraged and again resorted to materia medica After turning away from Truth I seemed like a wave of the sea,—tossed to and fro without peace or rest. I was sick, unhappy, discouraged, and felt as though I had no God. I laid Science and Health aside and tried to forget it. This was no easy task, for the still small voice of Truth followed and called me back. I did not heed it but wandered in the wilderness of doubt and fear for nearly six long, weary years, turning from one remedy to another. This mental condition produced a very severe heart trouble, which grew worse from day to day. I fully realized that unless relief came speedily my earthly sojourn would be of short duration. The passage of Scripture, "Choose you this day whom ye will serve," was constantly in my thought, until I finally decided to turn again to God for help. I fled to Truth as a tired child to turn again to God for help. I fled to Truth as a tried child to its mother's arms. After receiving a very few treatments I was entirely healed of the ailment and a spiritual uplifting came with the healing which cast out all fear and doubt. Other ills did not yield so readily, and many times discouragement tried to creep into my thought. I scanned The Christian Science Journal for a case of slow healing and I finally found one, and it was a source of encouragement to me. I had often wondered why all error did not yield readily. I am thankful now that the healing was slow, for in the waiting I learned more of God. Shortly after my healing my husband was instantaneously healed of a stomach trouble which had baffled the skill of physicians.

Testimony of Healing
My attention was called to Christian Science about five...
December 5, 1903

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