Gladly and joyfully do I testify to the healing of sickness...

Gladly and joyfully do I testify to the healing of sickness in our family through the efficacy of Christian Science. Two years ago my brother was taken ill for the fourth time with neurasthenia. He was so ill that there seemed to be no hope of his recovery. He suffered from great mental depression, seemed to have lost his memory, and could not work, because of his desperate mental condition. The thought that he would have to give up his profession on account of inability to perform the required work, distressed him terribly. All remedies and cures which had been applied in the former attacks, and which had then given him relief, and now no effect upon him. The physician who examined my brother, comforted him with the words: "Since you have lived through the first three attacks, you may live through the fourth."

He then sent him to a sanitarium in the Harz Mountains, and after having been there for four weeks, he returned home, but was no better. In this darkest hour of trouble I heard of Christian Science. I was very receptive of this wonderful teaching and tried to interest my brother in it. He would at first have nothing to do with it, and rejected it with the words: "It is impossible for me to believe in such humbug."

Testimony of Healing
For over twenty years Christian Science has been the only...
December 5, 1903

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