Christian Science not Pharisaism

Binghamton (N. Y.) Herald

Dear Sir:—Christian Scientists do not wish to claim credit for anything which they have not earned. If their replies to attacks are characterized by patience, this is partly due to their own recollection of the time when Christian Science looked to them very much as it does to their critics. Moreover, Science is not a subject upon which light can be thrown by passionate argument. Science is orderly and calm, and requires understanding rather than heated assertion. I shall be grateful to your readers, therefore, if you will absolve Christian Scientists from any taint of pharisaism, or better-than-thou-ism, even if in giving a reason for the faith that is in them, they show that they are absolutely certain of their ground. This certainty comes from the testimony of the Scriptures and from actual experience in their own lives. They do not claim any special power or special knowledge which is not accessible to all sincere searches after Truth. The Christian Scientist gives due credit to physicians and surgeons for the work they are doing for the relief of mankind, but he has proved by demonstration that a knowledge of material methods in treating disease is not necessary for the cure of disease, and as mental or spiritual treatment is in direct line with the example of the Founder of Christianity, he feels justified in continuing this practice. The Christian Science text-book states very clearly,—

"If Christian Scientists were teaching or practising pharmacy or obstetrics according to the common theories, no denunciations would follow them, even if such treatment resulted in the death of a patient. The people are taught in such cases to say, Amen. Shall I then be smitten for healing, and for teaching Truth as the Principle of healing, and proving my word by my deed? James said: 'Show me thy faith without thy works, and I will show thee my faith by my works' " (Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker G. Eddy, p. 342).

Wiser Counsel
December 11, 1902

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