We are sometimes asked why we do not hear of more...

We are sometimes asked why we do not hear of more slow demonstrations. I will write these lines for those who think that their healing is slow. Eleven years ago I began to take Christian Science treatment for a severe form of asthma; the asthmatic spasms were conquered at once, but the cough and pain lingered for many months. Sometimes I would cough all night without getting any sleep; in fact, my whole body seemed to be affected. I was under constant treatment for almost a year; it was about three years from the time that I began treatment before I was well. Many times I was discouraged; still, I clung to God, for doctors, and many friends (who were not Christian Scientists) told me that my disease was incurable. A preacher once told me that God could do a great deal, but He could not heal asthma. I am very thankful to God, for He did heal me. I am also thankful to dear Mrs. Eddy, and to all who helped me. I wish to tell of a woman who suffered from sick headache. The attacks would come twice a week and last twenty-four hours each time. She had been taking medicine for over twenty years, and instead of getting better she was getting worse when she turned to Christian Science. She was under constant treatment for about a year before she was relieved. Now she is very thankful for the freedom that Christian Science has brought to her and her family.—M. C. N., Chicago, Ill.

November 13, 1902

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