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DIVINE GIFTS.—Without reference to the question of personal intercourse with the Divine Spirit, and all that goes under the name of prayer, there is going on throughout the world of discussion the question, How can man get access to and use the stores of wisdom and power that are in the divine nature? If there be a God at all, and if we are spiritual beings capable of intercourse with Him and capable of receiving gifts from Him, it follows that it must be possible for human nature to enrich itself beyond even the dreams of the prophets. Jesus promised that his disciples should do greater things than he did; and ever since that time there have been those who have tried to take him at his word, and to realize in their own experience the meaning of his promise.

But disappointment constantly follows the attempt to arm and enrich one's self with the powers of omnipotence. The divine wisdom flows in a scanty stream through many devout souls and earnest seekers after the truth, who have earnestly desired to receive it. Unless we hold that the expectation of sharing the divine fulness can never be realized, the reason for this disappointment must be found in wrong methods. ... All the teaching of Jesus in story and parable tends to enforce the doctrine, that, if one would have new gifts from God he must show his willingness and ability to put to good use those which he has. ... All experience teaches the lesson that good gifts used multiply and increase, while neglected they shrink and disappear.—The Christian Register.

November 13, 1902

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