The True Christian Scientist

The Medical World

THE prayer of the Christian Scientist is distinctly one of understanding. The knowledge of God's goodness and power is with him constantly. His remedy for disease is always at hand and effectual. The sufferer who applies to him for relief, no matter what his sickness may be, is at once shown the necessity of lifting his thoughts away from self to something higher. He is shown the impossibility of making good responsible for evil, or, in other words, he is shown that God never created disease and suffering nor decreed that it should be inflicted on mankind. On the contrary, He "created man in his image and likeness," to have dominion over all. Every physician recognizes that it is fear which robs the patient of his courage and strength. The Christian Scientist helps to restore his patient by showing him there is nothing to fear. If God is Good and is ever-present and omnipotent, what is there to fear? A realization of this fact leads to the inevitable conclusion that all which is unlike God is unreal, that is, in the sense that eternity and all which pertains to God has reality.

The recognition that disease is not of God robs it of its power, and the patient begins to manifest more harmony in mind and body. He is not only benefited physically but mentally, and through proving to him that sin is responsible for sickness the sinner is reformed. Better health and morals invariably follow Christian Science treatment.

Divine Law
November 6, 1902

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