Divine Law

Dayton (O.) Herald

CHRISTIAN SCIENTISTS believe that the natural law is the divine law, or God's law. In the science of mathematics it is perfectly natural for the basic law to govern numbers. Only through an understanding of this basic law is the correct solution to problems obtained. There is nothing mysterious or superstitious about it except to those who may not fully understand. Judging from a human concept of things, it does not seem possible for the sick to be healed through the divine Mind; yet, according to our present understanding of Christian Science, it is perfectly natural. Thus in Christian Science, the natural law and the divine law are one; one is not spiritual and the other material, but both are spiritual, one and the same. So long as we continue to believe one to be spiritual and the other material, mystery will continue to enshroud us. We must have a science to show us the way out, and when Christian Science is understood it will be found to have no connection with superstition.

The supposition that the natural law is a material law, a law of the carnal human mind, and that occasionally God sets these laws aside, tends to darken consciousness and brings a perplexed state of mind; whereas to know that the natural law is God's law, better enables us to comprehend the Science of Being.

An Appeal for Justice
November 6, 1902

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