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Eye on the World: Monday, April 2, 2012

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New: Eurozone unemployment

New numbers show that unemployment in Eurozone countries reached 10.8% in February, the highest level since the Euro was introduced in 1999. Manufacturing activity across Europe also shrank during February, creating a harsh environment for those seeking jobs. European finance ministers are working on an agreement to increase the Eurozone’s rescue fund, which they hope will restore confidence to the markets.

Prayer about austerity in the Eurozone” examines the generosity and abundance of God, divine Love. The author writes, “The abundance of God is never made powerless in the face of human needs and is neither influenced by over-spending nor retrenchment.”

New: Plane crash in Siberia

A small plane crashed shortly after takeoff in Siberia on Monday, killing 31 of the 43 passengers on board. The cause of the crash hasn’t been made clear yet, but the plane’s black box data recorders were recovered and an investigation is underway. Russian airlines have been criticized in years past for having a poor safety record, although it had seemed to be improving.

We can all pray about safe air travel, recognizing that God protects those in flight, guides us to take appropriate practical safety measures, and comforts those who have been affected by tragedy. “Spirituality supports safety in the skies – a healing response to fear” offers a helpful starting point.

New: Democracy party wins in Myanmar

Nobel Peace laureate Aung San Suu Kyi’s opposition National League for Democracy claimed a major victory in Myanmar’s parliamentary elections on Sunday. Although the NLD will occupy only a fraction of the country’s parliamentary seats, Suu Kyi said in her victory speech that the victory points to the country’s emergence from an era of military rule and a major step toward democracy.

Bridging the river of otherness” offers a fresh look at how we can pray for elections and government, both where we live and abroad. God’s all-inclusive nature uplifts and unites, leading to the improvement of political institutions and to stable, responsive government.

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