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Eye on the World: Friday, April 6, 2012

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Update: Syrian refugees flee to Turkey

As the situation in Syria deteriorated this week, more and more refugees fled to neighboring countries – especially Turkey. Turkey took in 2,300 individuals on Wednesday, and more than 42,000 Syrians have left the country since the uprising began a year ago. Syrian President Bashar al-Assad agreed late March to an April 10th ceasefire, but journalists say violence in the country has increased as the deadline approaches. 

To preserve life” discusses how we can reach out to Syria in prayer, recognizing that God’s power arrests violence and that “each individual is the spiritual idea of Life, empowered with intelligence, honesty, strength, and goodness.”

New: Shining Path leader captured in Peru

Peruvian President Ollanta Humala announced on Friday the capture of Freddy Arenas, the leader of the Shining Path, a terrorist group that controlled large areas of the country in the 1980s and 90s. Small Shining Path gangs still control parts of the drug trade in southeastern Peru, but with Arenas’s capture, the government says the group has been virtually defeated. “Safe from terrorism” offers comfort to all who are committed to praying for a lasting sense of peace.

New: “Ghost ship” sunk off Alaskan coast

A Japanese “ghost ship” set adrift by the 2011 tsunami reached its final resting place on Friday when the U.S. coast guard scuttled it off the coast of Alaska. The unmanned Ryou-Un Maru drifted across the Pacific after being dislodged in the tsunami, and U.S. officials chose to sink it with cannon fire rather than risking it running aground or floating into busy shipping lanes.

As Japan continues to rebuild and heal after last year’s earthquake and tsunami, we can continue to pray. “For healing and restoration in Japan,” an audio chat recorded shortly after the event, affirms that natural disasters are no part of God’s plan, and that we can rely on His angel messages to uplift and guide us in any situation.

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