Resurrecting Wall Street

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If you have any interest in the economy at all—because of a retirement fund, fear of lay-offs, higher prices—you probably know that the week of September 15 was spoken of as the worst on Wall Street since 1929. Lehman Brothers, a firm that had been around for over a hundred years looks like it is facing bankruptcy. Other well-established companies are on shaky ground. As analysts hold their breath, waiting to see if there will be more failures, our prayers can help to restore stability.

A first step can be turning to God ourselves, and praying to see that our own lives rest in the peace and love of God. Our financial future is secure in God’s care. Divine Love is a present—not an abstract or theoretical—help to all who are striving to find a solution to these problems and to the rest of us who are praying in support of their efforts. To take the time to be mentally still and to feel the presence of God provides a point of stability for our prayers and for our thinking about the financial markets.

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