Election exhaustion? Love cancels the negativity

Originally appeared on spirituality.com.

Recently, I found myself in a battle with discouragement. I’d hoped to see honest and open campaigning in the months preceding local and national elections in the United States. But I noticed that even when candidates themselves stayed above the fray, negative comments, false accusations, and nasty rumors were on the rise in campaign ads. One pundit remarked on a national radio program that many rely on these tactics because reports show that few people bother to check facts. Rather, they rely on hearsay and vote accordingly. Especially if they hear a certain message over and over.

One morning, I felt particularly hopeless about the influence this negativity would have on voters in November. So I wrote a letter intending to send it to a newspaper. Certainly others felt the same concerns I did! Maybe people would begin to band together to demand more accurate information. I was hopeful until I realized that adding to the excess of opinions wasn’t necessarily going to help.

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