The power of resurrection brings hope

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As natural resources dwindle, wars continue to dominate the headlines, and economies fluctuate, many people around the world are anxious about the future.

But the quest for a deep, permanent release from uncertainty is more than a search for social or economic stability. At its heart it is a quest for spirituality, a quest that Patricia Aburdene, in her book Megatrends 2010, calls the “greatest megatrend of our era.”

The steps necessary to satisfy the hunger for spirituality and overcome uncertainty about the future may seem daunting, but there are good reasons for hope—and we can find them in the ideas demonstrated in the Bible and explained in Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy.

I see Christ Jesus' crucifixion and resurrection as a reassuring example of God’s power to deliver us even in the most terrible times. The events surrounding his crucifixion were ominous and unrelenting, and yet, right when he seemed abandoned to anguish and suffering, Jesus continued to love—and to be sustained by divine Love.

He forgave his persecutors. He blessed those who were crucified with him. He made sure his mother was cared for.

By contrast, his disciples were distraught, hiding out of fear they would also be arrested and punished. Unable to believe that the future could hold anything good, they were unable to believe in resurrection.

But three days later, Jesus was freed from the tomb through his understanding of the omnipotence of God as divine Love, eternal Life. When he appeared to his disciples, he comforted and strengthened them. The result was a deeper spiritual conviction on their parts.

As Mary Baker Eddy explained in Science and Health: “Through all the disciples experienced, they became more spiritual and understood better what the Master had taught. His resurrection was also their resurrection. It helped them to raise themselves and others from spiritual dulness and blind belief in God into the perception of infinite possibilities.”

Jesus resurrected the hope of those he taught—and ultimately the hope of all those who believe in his teachings. His life proved the omnipotence of good, God. He proved that no sin or disease could ever overpower what is good and true. He restored those who were sick to a normal state of physical and mental health. He awakened them to their relationship to God and led them to the “perception of infinite possibilities.”

I learned to perceive “infinite possibilities” through a type of resurrection in my own life, after a divorce some years ago. I no longer had a home, a job, or a car. Everything in my world was turned upside down–except my prayer. I could hold on to the simple idea that God loved me.

This glimmer of hope soon grew, and I was able to break out of my despair and take the practical steps that led me to a new place to live. Buoyed by this, I could see more signs of God’s care and possibilities for good. Soon, I found a new job, and was able to get transportation, too. Within a few months, I had everything I needed. I learned that God’s love shines through any kind of despair. His love had restored my hope and peace.

Today, natural disasters, terrorism, war, and other challenges would try to hide the relevance of Jesus’ resurrection to our own times. But the spiritual facts remain the same: Life is eternal, Truth is omnipotent, and Love is ever-present. Jesus’ persecutors tried to stop and even to bury the hope of healing and resurrection that he was living every day. But it simply couldn’t happen.

The lively hope that Life is God, good, and that we are one with God, was, and is, too powerful. Science and Health states eloquently, “The persecutors had failed to hide immortal Truth and Love in a sepulchre.”

Each of us can experience our own resurrection of hope as we accept the thought that all good is possible. “The Lord God omnipotent reigneth,” declares the Bible. To understand even a little of this all-encompassing power helps us step away from the human picture and yield to God’s grace. This grace helps us to feel the warm embrace of divine Love in times of grief, to let fear and distrust yield to the justice, strength, and permanence of Truth, and to replace feelings of loss with the abundant goodness of eternal Life.

Christ Jesus has shown us that God’s love and peace are ever-present and all-powerful. Through his resurrection, he has proved that we can never be cut off from His tender care. For this reason, there is always hope.

And I know from my own experience that if I can gain this resurrection of hope, it is there for you, and it is there for everyone. Through this resurrection, we can see new possibilities, experience a release from uncertainty, and feel a renewal for our own lives and for the world.

An eternal reason for hope:

Science and Health

King James Bible
Rev. 19:6

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